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Persian Sufi Music Online Courses

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When the heart becomes distracted and disconnected,

Sing, oh minstrel,

It is your Sweet melody

That brings the heart back to Harmony.




The art of Persian Sufi music is a matter of the heart. It emerges from the longing for union, The soul’s deep desire to return to its primordial state. Therefore, the rhythmical patterns of Persian Sufi music are required to be very specific and finely tuned, they are meant to resonate with the heart’s eternal song and evoke the forgotten heavenly harmony, thus awakening the remembrance of our true origins.

The ancient tradition of Sufi music is deeply embedded in Persian collective consciousness, but has been mainly passed on verbally, from master to disciple, throughout the ages. Due to the increasing interest for oriental art and culture, these ancestral tunes have started to be revealed to a larger Occidental audience. But a lot of times this disclosure may lead to diluting or distorting the essential knowledge, and this is the main reason for our current endeavor to provide an authentic source for a thorough comprehension and exploration of the ancient art of Persian Sufi music.

We invite you to join me on this journey of self-expression and self-discovery through the ancient harmonics of Persian mystical music, tanbur, maqamat, and Sufi poetry.

If you wish to explore your creativity, experience the ancient tunes of a rich old culture, tap into your fountain of inspiration and bring your inner artist to light;

If you are an experienced musician or songwriter and you wish to add a hint of oriental flavor to your music;

If you are a lover of Persian Sufi music and you wish to become a more knowledgeable active listener;

If you are just seeking to reconnect with your long forgotten poetic self;

Then you have found the right place for you!

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Founder & Head of Tanbour Centre of Isfahan

Classes & Fees

Learning a musical instrument or singing works best in private lessons based on the ancient "Master-Apprentice" teaching model. The Master adjusts his teaching to suit the needs of different students and their different stages of competence and provides instruction based on level, learning style or specific technical needs and interests. The students are taught technical and artistic knowledge and skills but also guided step by step into the heart of the Persian Sufi music and poetry. 

We offer a wide range of classes, from beginner to intermediate and advanced level as well as specialized workshops and masterclasses as follows:

  • Tanbour Lessons - Beginner/Intermediate

       Session of 20 classes

       Fee: € 600/- per session


  • Advanced Tanbour Lessons - delving into the subtleties of technique

       Session of 20 classes

       Fee: € 800/- per session


  • Learning Tanbour maqamat,

       Session of 30 classes

       Fee: € 1200/- per session


  • Specialized workshops: Iranian Tanbour improvisation, how to select and integrate Sufi poetry in musical composition, etc

       Fee: € 50/-  per online workshop


Classes are run through Zoom or WhatsApp applications. Each class lasts 1 hour.  Duration of each session is established based on teacher's weekly schedule and availability and student's level of commitment for learning and developing musical skills. Working language: English and/or Farsi.


The courses are organized by Tanbour Centre of Isfahan (Iran). A Certificate will be issued upon completion of each session/course.

For a test lesson or further information about classes, schedules and payment methods, please send an email to Leave your name, email and phone number and we’ll contact you back !

To register fill in the form below:

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